Statistics and baby making after 30

This was forwarded to me recently by a friend and colleague after a discussion about young women, older women, choosing parenthood and not.

I would choose to ignore the ranting discussion at the end of the article if i was you. It goes a bit off topic about what the topic actually is. BUT the point of the article is that statistics on age and conception that have lead to fear and anxiety for many women in their 30’s and above desperately need an analytical eye and updating. This is an informative article and provides a refreshingly positive perspective on ability to conceive beyond 30.

I am also particularly interested in the authors point about the likelihood of women conceiving after 30/35 has more to do with their fertility overall rather than their age. It certainly may take the anxiety of getting older out of the equation. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Statistics and baby making after 30

  1. Thank you for sharing the article… I’ll be reading that next. As a 30-something women, with no children, and a boyfriend lagging on popping the question. I worry about getting older/closer to 35 and not being able to have children or having a difficult time getting prego. Let’s see what this article has to say. Thanks, Cat.

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